Why We Earthquake Strap San Jose Water Heaters

Commercial water heater installation with earthquake straps

Why We Earthquake Strap San Jose Water Heaters You have probably all heard about or maybe experienced the 5.1-magnitude earthquake that occurred on Tuesday, October 25, 2022, roughly about 12 miles east of San Jose. Thankfully, no immediate property damage or major injuries were reported at the epicenter. This is mostly because of the City … Read more

Frequently Asked Water Heater Questions In San Jose

Need To Talk To A Pro? Call 24/7 At 408-279-8899 How To Turn Off Your Leaking Water Heater Follow our emergency shut-off instructions below or watch our video where turning off your San Jose, CA, water heater will be shown to you by one of our professionally trained water heater specialists. 1. TURN OFF THE … Read more