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Water Heaters Only Inc was founded in Burlingame, CA in 1968, for the sole purpose of providing low cost, high quality water heater replacement. From that dream Water Heaters Only, Inc was born and has thrived by providing the best quality service for water heater repair and replacement. Keeping pricing as low as possible while providing quality products for our customers is the main mission for Water Heaters Only, Inc.

Water Heaters Only, Inc understands the water heater replacement business, including local code requirements, permitting processes and complications that can arise when replacing a water heater. Our technicians are trained by the manufactures and have years of experience installing water heaters. They know how to handle unique or complicated installations, problematic water heaters and unexpected situations. Visit our main website @ www.waterheatersonly.com to read more about us or the read all of our customer reviews.

Local, Licensed, and Insured

Do you have a Water Heaters Only Inc emergency shutdown instruction sticker on your water heater? We mail a emergency shutdown instruction sticker to our customers every few years, we also place them on the water heaters we install.

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Call us 24/7 and speak to a water heater expert at (408) 279-8899 or email us at bay@waterheatersonly.com