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Residential Tank Water Heaters
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Water Heaters Only, Inc offers the newest and most energy efficient water heater products, along with traditional energy efficient storage tank water heaters. If you are shopping for a replacement water heater. Looking to upgrade to a high efficiency or tankless water heater system. We have the water heater products you need. Browse through the quick facts below or click on the links for more detailed information on the different water heater products.

Call our experts 24 hours a day at (408) 279-8899 to discuss your options before you purchase a water heater. With over 55 years of experience in the water heating business, we can help guide your decision making process and help assure you purchase the right product for your needs.

Be sure to read our customer reviews to learn for yourself why Water Heaters Only, Inc is rated 5 stars and has over 500,000 satisfied customers, since 1968.

Residential Tank Water Heater Products Quick Facts
Residential water heater

30, 40, 50, 65, 75 & 100 Gallon Capacities

Range in Energy Efficiency .53 to .62

Warranty 6 years or 10 years

Average Life Expectancy 8-12 years

Installation Time Averages 2-5 hours

Tankless Water Heater Products Quick Facts
Tankless water heater

Heats Water On Demand / No Standby Heat Loss

Versatile Installations Locations / Small Compact Size / Wall Mounted

Saves 20%-50% on Gas Usage

Requires Higher Gas Input / Possible Gas Line & Meter Upgrade

Warranties Vary by Model 5-10 Year Heat Exchanger, 1-3 Years Parts 

Hybrid / Energy Efficient Water Heater Products Quick Facts
Hybrid energy-efficient water heater

.90 to .96 Percent Efficient

Condensing Technology

Power Vented / Requires Electrical

Produces More Hot Water Per Gallon

Costs More Upfront

Commercial Water Heater Products Quick Facts
Commercial water heater

Restaurants | Apartments | Salons

75, 80, 90 & 100 Gallon

75,000 BTU’s – 599,999 BTU’s

Quick Recovery for High Water Usages

Sanitation Temperature Thermostats

Electronically Powervented

Complete Installation Time Averages 3-6 Hours